What We Do.


VisionBridge provides a fresh approach for developing medically integrated health and wellness centers. We work with hospitals, physician’s offices, independent healthcare professionals, and municipalities to develop and create unique health partnerships in local communities. 


We bring seasoned expertise along with professional services to energize our client’s vision and mission.

Our portfolio of services includes site analysis and feasibility, architecture, construction, technology, equipment selection, operational management and staffing. We deliver a finished product ensuring positive cash flow, community recognition and clinical integration to our partner hospital, physicians and community organizations.


VisionBridge develops partnerships with stakeholders engaged in the healthcare community to create results-oriented, patient-focused experiences in their communities. By focusing on lifestyle change and disease management, under the direction of healthcare professionals, these Centers have the unique ability to help people make healthy choices — one community at a time.


In a complex and growing market like medical fitness, we believe it’s what you know, combined with who you know, that produces the most meaningful results for our clients. Each VisionBridge associate is a proven industry leader with specific experience in building, operating and managing medically integrated health and wellness centers.


We understand that medically integrated health and wellness centers are new concepts that depend on integration and support of diverse groups of interests and stakeholders, so we have developed a simplified approach for project management that responds to the organizational and decision making structure.


For your patients and members:

VisionBridge helps its clients develop Centers that will produce positive results for members of their local communities and enable those people to adopt healthier lifestyle behavior for life.


For you, our healthcare partner:

VisionBridge believes that the experience you develop with us lays the foundation for the experience members will have in your Center. We are firmly committed to providing you with nurturing and personalized attention, from concept development through ongoing operations.

VisionBridge follows a proven project management process to achieve the best results for the proposed Center. This process provides an integrated framework for project organization, planning, control, and development. It produces cost efficient results, maintains superior standards of quality, and achieves excellence resulting in secure and safe investments for our partners.


Our project management process encompasses the following methodology: 


PHASE 1: Study Phase 

PHASE 2: Development Phase 

PHASE 3: Operational Start Up 

PHASE 4: Ongoing Operational Oversight


VisionBridge develops medically integrated health and wellness centers that play an important role in helping to control the healthcare crisis in America. Our centers differ dramatically from commercially based fitness centers in that they focus on lifestyle management (managing risk factors, early detection, disease management, outpatient treatment, and rehabilitation) under the direction of certified healthcare and fitness professionals. The end product provides a direct link to the healthcare system through affiliations with hospitals, physicians or both.


Medically integrated health and fitness centers have many advantages over commercial operations. Capitalizing on the medical community’s image equity, they gain instant credibility and market acceptance. They have the knowledge, expertise and economies of scale to achieve clinical-retail integration. Hospital and physician affiliated centers have a captive audience in their patient population and a natural revenue stream in their primary and specialty physician base. These centers provide a competitive advantage by allowing for differentiation of its services. Medically integrated centers also allow healthcare professionals to measure outcomes and continually monitor the effectiveness of disease management programs.

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