Stakeholder Meeting 


Expectations and goals are formalized, roles and responsibilities are outlined and next steps are clarified.


Architectural Line Drawing 


Architectural line drawings are submitted to the Center Team to ensure that the details for building the Center reflect the intent and rationale of the original design and specific site chosen.

Construction Documents 


During this last phase of the design process, a comprehensive, fully coordinated set of specifications documents are created and submitted for approval by the town/municipality in which the Center is to be built. These documents represent the final drawings and specifications for all of the proposed Center’s systems and components.



General Contractor Selection 


If desired, VisionBridge will guide the Center Team through a General Contractor (GC) selection process.



(Project Manager for the Center Team)


Working on behalf of the Center Team, and with the GC, VisionBridge will assist the project to make sure the facility is built to the specificity outlined in the architectural plan.

Community Education 


During this yearlong process, VisionBridge will work with the Center Team, local leaders, and other community influencers to promote the Center as it relates to improving the overall health of the community.


Clinical Integration


Critical to the success of the Center, VisionBridge will build a strong foundation for merging the Center’s health/wellness continuum of care with the clinical continuum of care of the hospital. This will help move status of the patient to the status of a member.

Phase 2. Development Phase