Frequently Asked Questions





What is medical fitness?


​Medical Fitness Centers promote proactive and preventative programs that are designed to achieve optimum levels of fitness, nutrition, and emotional / social health.  They embrace exercise as medicine by using early intervention strategies to help prevent and manage chronic and lifestyle related conditions.  These programs require medical oversight by physicians, allied healthcare providers and fitness staff who together provide a safe and effective plan of action to improve health. 


How long does it take to get a facility up and running?

The normal time frame from thought process to Grand Opening takes 12 – 18 months.  This includes C Suite education, Site Selection, Market Analysis, Financial Modeling, Development, Operational Start Up and Soft Opening.



What is the typical size of a VisionBridge medical fitness model?

VisionBridge has built centers that range from 3,000 SF – 140,000 SF.  In today’s world of economic uncertainty and downsizing we believe the right model falls in the range of 6 – 8,000 SF.  This can include a Physical Therapy area and is better served when built within a Medical Office Building that houses outpatient services.  The model can also be built within a great community location strip mall.



Can the VisionBridge model expand?

Absolutely!  If you have the demographics for a larger center and the financial model will support it we can bring a team of professionals from architects to construction teams to build larger facilities.  Be sure to read our White Paper Position on .