You want your business to launch and run smoothly.  Our operational guidance eliminates the inexperienced costly mistakes made by beginning operators.  We will guide you for a period of time that ensures success.  Within one year we will have the center ready for a Medical Fitness Association certification.



VisionBridge will assist the Center to critically and thoroughly review programs and costs in the context of key outcomes and strategic goals.




VisionBridge will work with the Center Team to design creative, integrated  on and offline marketing programs to include web site design, social media marketing, email marketing campaigns, search engine marketing, targetted direct mail and local marketing to include a our proven physician referral marketing system. When appropriate, we will also perform competitive analyses and refine/adjust the Center’s messaging and positioning.

Center Management 


VisionBridge serves as the ongoing advisor to the Center by overseeing all daily operations and ensuring adherence to policies, procedural regulations and compliance guidelines.


Sales Platform Development & Coaching 


Working closely with Center managers, VisionBridge will help develop an effective sales platform that includes pricing, special promotions and sales training that integrates your unique selling position so that your sales messaging is right on target with the mission, vision and branding of the project and the organization. An integrated sales and marketing analytics program allows the team to create and manage targetted sales and marketing campagins across both traditional and digital marketing channels. 


Fitness/Clinical Programming 


VisionBridge works closely with medical providers to integrate the Center’s fitness/wellness program with existing clinical outpatient programs. By creating seamless strategies to nurture the patient into member status as they transition from acute care, rehab or disease management programs, we'll work with the Center Team to ensure that members access the programs best suited for their physical condition  and health. 

Business Office Set Up


Utilizing existing office systems and ABC Financial club management software, VisionBridge will install proven back office processes relating to membership sales and management, account receivable, purchasing and vendor management. 


HR Consulting 


VisionBridge will provide HR consulting to the Center in the area  employee recruitment, evaluation and progress, promotion, and benefits.

Phase 4. Ongoing Operational Oversight