Involving The Physician In Medical Fitness 

Daniel J. Lynch, MS,FMFA


If you have not read Douglas A. Ribley's article on "The Integration of

Rehabilitation Services and Medical Fitness," stop reading this column now and

go back to read his thoughts first. Doug does an excellent job of laying out the

important features of a hospital- affiliated, medically based, integrated model for

rehabilitation within the health and fitness environment. His information is critical

to the success of blending health and fitness with orthopedic, cardiovascular, and

other disease management needs under one roof.


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Managing Chronic Disease With Technology

Daniel J. Lynch, MS,FMFA

Ken Dychtwald wrote about the aging of America in Age Wave in 1989. He discussed the tremendous influence baby boomers would have on the opportunities and challenges of the future. In today’s world we are experiencing both ends of that perspective, though in reverse order: from challenges to opportunities. 


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Exercise Centers are a Good Fit For Primary Care Clinics 

Erik L Gokdman 


A growing number of primary care doctors are discovering that onsite exercise centers are a good "fit" for their patients' health, and their own fiscal health. 


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